Tennyson Dunes

Regular Tennyson Dunes Group Workdays

The Tennyson Dunes Group holds regular workdays, usually twice a month - the first Thursday of the month and the third Sunday of the month. The exceptions are December (first Thursday and second Sunday) and January (third Sunday only - no Thursday workday).

In the Summer months we meet at the Henley Community Nursery (see map below) to propagate rare plant species while Autumn, Winter and Spring will see us in the dunes weeding and planting. We meet in the main southern car park on Military Rd (see map on the Home page).

We usually start at 10 am, and finish at 12 pm. If the weather is reallly hot, we may start earlier.

The 2016 workdays are:

  • Sunday 17 January - Community Nursery
  • Thursday 4 February - Community Nursery
  • Sunday 21 February - Community Nursery
  • Thursday 3 March - Community Nursery
  • Sunday 20 March - Community Nursery
  • Thursday 7 April - Community Nursery
  • Sunday 17 April - Community Nursery
  • Thursday 5 May - Tennyson Dunes
  • Sunday 15 May - Bushcare Workshop
  • Thursday 2 June - Tennyson Dunes
  • Sunday 19 June - Tennyson Dunes
  • Thursday 7 July - Tennyson Dunes
  • Sunday 17 July - Tennyson Dunes
  • Thursday 4 August - Tennyson Dunes
  • Sunday 21 August - Tennyson Dunes
  • Thursday 1 September - Tennyson Dunes
  • Sunday 11 September - Tennyson Dunes Open Day
  • Thursday 6 October - Tennyson Dunes
  • Sunday 16 October - Tennyson Dunes
  • Thursday 3 November - Community Nursery
  • Sunday 20 November - Community Nursery
  • Thursday 1 December - Community Nursery
  • Sunday 11 December - Community Nursery and Xmas BBQ

Our Activity Calender has the sort of specific activities we might do in any given month.

The Henley Community Nursery is on Atkin St, Henley Beach. Entry is via the Henley Memorial Oval carpark (turn right and it's at the back of the carpark).

View Henley Community Nursery in a larger map

Past Events

2015 Tennyson Dunes Open Day

Over 300 visitors helped us celebrate our 20th anniversary with a huge open day, including guided walks by Karl Winda Telfer, Neville Bonney, Dr Jan Forrest, Assoc Prof Victor Gostin, Prof Chris Daniels, Peter Matejcic, Andrew Winkler and Tennyson Dunes Group volunteers.

The highlight of the day was a Kaurna smoking ceremony and dance by Karl and Karno, together with a dedication by the Minister for Environment Hon Ian Hunter MLC. The Minister declared the Tennyson Dunes a conservation area under the Crown Land Management Act in recognition of its importance in protecting the state's coastal biodiversity.

Dedication by Minister Hunter

2014 Tennyson Dunes Open Day

Every Spring the Tennyson Dunes Group hosts the annual Tennyson Dunes Open Day. It's a great way to learn about your local dunes. 2014 was no different, with expert guided tours from Neville Bonney and Karl Winda Telfer. It was a huge success with over 200 visitors attending throughout the day - more than double the previous yesr's count. It just goes to prove that this rare gem in Adelaide's coastline is very popular and worth protecting.

A Proposed Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve

The Tennyson Dunes Group held a public forum on Monday 25 November 2013 to discuss the potential for dedicating the Tennyson Dunes for conservation under the Crown Land Management Act 2009. It was standing room only with over 80 people in attendance, including Mark Parnell from the Greens, Michelle Lensink Liberal Spokesperson on the Environment and the now local member and Labor Minister, Stephen Mullighan. Everyone present agreed that the dunes should be protected for future generations. Moreover, we had over 1000 signatures to the petition calling on the Minister for Environment to act to protect the dunes.

With such a show of support, Minister Hunter was keen to protect the dunes and is working towards it. We're very grateful for his support as well as that of all three major parties. Watch this space for news on the progress of protecting the dunes.

Barrier Dunes and Trapped Wetlands

On Sunday 18 November 2012 the Coastal Ecology Protection Group hosted a talk by Dr Vic Semeniuk on the formation of Adelaide's coastline and why the Tennyson Dunes are so important geomorphologically. It was a great event and Vic gave a fascinating talk. About 50 people packed into the Rowing Centre at West Lakes to discover what Adelaide's western suburbs used to be like.

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